Show joy and Caring for our neighbors


With an ever-increasing number of families struggling to simply provide life’s basics, the Hartford Norwich Holiday Basket Helpers help at the holidays by providing a few gifts for children. Sponsors provide warm clothing, requested toys as well as a food gift card to help with a Holiday Dinner. HNHBH also delivers fruit baskets to homebound senior citizens so they may share in the joy of the season.

Human service agencies, religious organizations, and schools refer recipients. Each family lets us know what are the items that are most needed. Seniors are also referred to us by senior agencies and/or churches.

As you probably imagine, requests for assistance are higher this year. Unemployment and the high cost of necessities, is stretching many budgets well beyond normal limits. We hope you will be able to help the children and seniors in our neighborhoods have a Happy Holiday this year.

Sincere thanks from the Holiday Basket Helpers Team!

Megan Brendel,¬†Sophia Crawford, Clare Forseth, Laura Gillespie, Erin O’Hearne, Sue Pitiger, Colleen Rozzi and Ann Marie Smith

The delivery dates for gifts are December 5th and 6th,
between 3 pm and 8:30 pm at St. Paul’s Church in White River Jct., beside the UV Haven.

2017 Numbers to date

Donors to date: 13

Families: 125 Boy Scout Troop 23
Children: 292 (includes teens) Dan & Whit’s
Young Children to be sponsored: 35 Mascoma Savings Bank
Teens to be sponsored: 12 Norwich Lions Club
Sponsors to date: 68 Norwich Women’s Club
Children sponsored to date: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Seniors sponsored to date: St. Francis Church, Norwich
Volunteers to date: 35  

2016 Numbers 

Families Sponsored — 184
Children Sponsored — 427
Seniors — 158
Sponsors — 167